It is important to understand that homelessness is a complex issue and that the issue is often hidden in the suburbs.  Most people do not choose to be homeless and it can happen to anyone.  Homelessness can be caused as a result of complex social, political and economic factors, including the lack of affordable housing, changes in the economy, shifts in policies that address poverty, and discrimination.  Individual factors such as mental health, childhood trauma, physical health, various disabilities, cognitive and other challenges can contribute to poverty and homelessness.

By learning about homelessness in Canada and in York Region, you can be part of the solution to end homelessness and fight the stigma experienced by people who are vulnerable.  Get education on facts about homelessness.

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Be An Advocate

An advocate is someone who takes meaningful action to support a cause which results in a positive outcome.  Here are some ideas for positive change:

  1. Learn more about homelessness and  understand the complexities of the problem.  Talk to us and get informed about local challenges and barriers facing homeless individuals.
  2. Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to stay connected to the work of Blue Door Shelters.  Follow blogs by leaders in the field.
  3. Get involved in your community by joining local committees that are working hard to alleviate poverty, volunteer for causes that you value, and share what you learn.
  4. Organize an event to raise awareness about homelessness and find ways to give back.  Find out what we need and organize events that bring valuable in-kind donations like socks to benefit homeless men, women, and children.
  5. Stop the stigma and NIMBYism towards homeless individuals and join us in ending misinformed prejudice towards vulnerable people.  Show solidarity: attend local rallies and discussions addressing homelessness.

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Pickering College with Blue Door Shelters

Blue Door Shelters visited Pickering College to speak about some of the innovative practices used to target the root causes of homelessness. Highlights included a Q&A session in Junior School Morning Meeting, a psychological interpretation in Sociology, using their practices as examples for Capstone projects in three Grade 12 English classes, and an exciting interview on 102.7 CHOP FM, a CRTC-licensed, student-operated radio station.