Uprooted; Rerooted in York Region

Uprooted; Rerooted in York Region is a 22-minute documentary describing the journeys of refugees arriving in Canada in search of safety, community and hope.


Supporting Families Facing Complex Issues

Blue Door Shelters is a trusted community-based organization with more than 35 years of experience in serving homeless populations in York Region. Leeder Place Family Shelter, the only family shelter in our region, supports families facing an intersection of complex issues that can be compounded with experiences of migration.

“I left my country because of safety. All for safety.”

In early 2017, Blue Door Shelters led a documentary project to bring the narratives of local newcomer families to film and provide an enhanced understanding of the unique challenges and the resilience of people who have been impacted by migration and homelessness in York Region.  Complex circumstances and multiple pathways have led these families to our shelter in East Gwillimbury. By providing this opportunity to document their voices, we want to allow these narratives to speak for themselves and honour the journey of these families who want to have a positive impact in our communities.

Resources for Refugees

  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
    Citizenship and Immigration Centre  

    Regional Office
    55 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 200
    Toronto, Ontario
 M4T 1L8
  • Centre for Immigrant and Community Services
    Head Office/Immigrant Resource Centre
    2330 Midland Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario, M1S 5G5
  • COSTI Immigrant Services
    York Region Home Office
    1710 Dufferin Street, Toronto

Client Stories

Howard gives back to Blue Door Shelters Porter Place men's shelter

Former Porter Place client Howard gives back to Blue Door Shelters after moving on from our organization. Howard lovingly arranges seasonal plants in front of Porter Place (Men’s Shelter) every spring and fall for the last few years. Staff and current clients appreciate the visual token of appreciation every time they walk through our blue doors. Thank you Howard for this beautiful gesture!

Luis at Blue Door Shelters

Luis came to Blue Door Shelters after a struggle with cancer left him unable to work. Luis was consistently working in a skilled trade before diagnosed with cancer. At times, he held two jobs and would even have to turn down work. Despite being able to successfully raise his children and support his family, he suddenly found himself in a position of vulnerability. Regardless of his misfortune, David stayed positive. He expressed appreciation for the support that Blue Door Shelters staff provided, encouraging him to concentrate on his cancer treatments during his stay. Additionally, with the help of the Blue Door Shelters residential counsellors and our housing worker, David was able to secure permanent housing. We are pleased to say that his health has since improved, and he has accepted a job offer from his former employer.

Family story

The Johnsons and sons, ages 14 and 17, were well established in York Region, until mom lost her job of ten years in a company downsize. Dad worked in auto parts manufacturing, but his income was not enough to pay the rent on the apartment the family had occupied for five years. With no other option, they turned to Blue Door Shelters. Despite their misfortune, the Johnsons did their best to sustain their family, ensuring the kids attended the same school and their grades did not suffer. Their sons never missed a baseball team practice or game. With help from shelter residential counsellors and a housing worker, after 5 weeks the Johnsons secured safe and affordable housing in their old neighbourhood.