Counselling is a critical part of the programs we offer at Blue Door Shelters.

Counsellors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide empathetic listening, links to community resources, selective use of community resources, appropriate referrals to alleviate any barriers to service. Both individual and group counselling are available through counselling at BDS. Given the multiple challenges facing many of our residents, our Residential Counsellors work hard to promote independence and quality of life by responding to changing needs.

Case management is also provided through Client Services Supervisors to help individuals or families stabilize, achieve their goals, and access services across service systems (including addiction services, health care, criminal justice, and mental health).  Through careful assessment, Client Service Supervisors facilitate proactive discussions within a larger community system to coordinate timely service delivery and thus achieve health and independence for our clients. This process provides clients with choice, individualized team planning, and wraparound support to promotes self efficacy when the clients leave our shelters.

Counselling and case management are client-centered and client-led processes at Blue Door Shelters. It is a collaborative journey that respects where the client is at and supports client rights. From support with filling out applications to services to developing purposeful plans of action, Blue Door Shelters offers comprehensive and quality support. Our frontline teams have extensive local community expertise to provide seamless outcomes for complex scenarios.

Our Clients Say

“The kindness, sharing, cooperation and support that I have experienced during my stay at Blue Door Shelters is second to none.”
“The last two years have been challenging for me mainly NOT being able make decisions to redirect my life. All of you have made a difference when no one else would do so by guiding and caring. You have brought me from a dark place to my original self.”
– Jamie, Former Leeder Client