Thank you so much for considering supporting the homeless and Blue Door Shelters. As we have very little storage space we find that gift cards are terrific because they enable individuals and families to purchase what they need most, like groceries when they move out in the community.  Gift certificates are also eligible for charitable tax receipts.

In their own words, here is just a sample of how much your gift card donation mean to our clients.

Our funding is not growing as quickly as the increasing demand for our services.

In 2015, we were unable to shelter 3,649 people who needed our help. Every year we count on the York Region community and beyond to help us continue to support some of the most vulnerable people and families in our community.

What Your Donation Can Do

Clients in Porter Place Men's Shelter

$5.50* can provide 1 client with meals and snacks for one day. *supplemented with our food donations

Donations In Kind

Funders and Sponsors header image of canned food donations

We are always in need of new items such as toiletries, footwear and housewares. Download our list of Items In Need & Accepted to learn what would help us the most.

Items in Need and Accepted