Our core goal is to provide an extensive network of housing resources to help individuals and families get started on their search for a safe and affordable home.  We provide individualized support that includes housing searches to find the “right fit” with the available budget, accompany individuals and families to visit potential housing units, advocate for the individuals and negotiate with the landlords, provide support in filling out applications and follow-up. Housing workers collaborate closely with our Residential Counsellors and Case Managers to ensure seamless transitions for individuals and families into secure housing options.

Housing Workers assists homeless individuals, including men, families and/or youth in the shelters to find, get and keep permanent housing in the community. They also assist with apartment start up needs, such as transportation, locating furniture and other basics needs.

In consultation with key organizations, including the Community Legal Clinic of York Region, we also provide expert information on tenant rights and maintaining strong landlord-tenant relationships.  Our Housing Workers also collaborate with housing providers both within and outside our Region to ensure best outcomes for our residents.

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Our Clients Say

“Thank you for everything you have done for me during my stay. It looks like I have secured a place to live and job. Someday I plan on leaving, but I plan on coming back to do volunteer work.”
– Porter Client

Housing to Health Program

This program offers comprehensive services for individuals experiencing chronic and episodic homelessness. Blue Door Shelters, LOFT Crosslinks Housing and Support Services, and Krasman Centre are collaborating to support individuals who share severe struggles: including physical health, legal, and justice issues, historic discrimination and trauma, victimization, addictions and stigma. We will target all individuals experiencing chronic and episodic homelessness regardless of the contributing factors, with special focus on individuals currently not connected to or not wanting to connect with formal services.