Blue Door Shelters has a rich 35-year tradition of responding to community needs.  We have 70 amazing staff and several volunteers working hard to provide our shelter residents with thoughtful personal attention. From arrival all the way through to the development of personal goals, to supporting our residents in accessing various programs at the shelters to finding a new home and beyond,  our staff are experts at client-centered care.  Working and giving at our shelters can be a life-changing experience and not only are we super dedicated, we are also a caring and fun community.  Every member of our shelter teams is valued and incredibly vital to Blue Door Shelters (BDS).  We are a compelling team and proud advocates for the people we serve at BDS! Please come in for a chat, we can’t do what we do without you!

Management and Administration

The Management and Administration Team support the overall operation of Blue Door Shelters. Their responsibilities include managing financial, employee and volunteer resources, community outreach and guiding programing based on the strategic priorities set by the Board of Directors.

Anne Stubley
Anne Stubley Executive Director
Alex Cheng
Alex ChengDirector of Client Services
Emmy Kelly
Emmy KellyBusiness Director
Amanda Palermo
Amanda PalermoHuman Resource Manager
Barb Latour
Barb LatourOffice Manager
Stephanie Lau
Stephanie LauExecutive Assistant
Ingrid Teunissen
Ingrid TeunissenLeeder Place Family Shelter Manager
Amanda Beaulieu
Amanda BeaulieuKevin's Place Youth Shelter Manager
Karen Al Massaad
Karen Al Massaad Porter Place Shelter Manager
Jeffrey Wah Kan
Jeffrey Wah Kan Support Services Manager
Sharon Westlund
Sharon WestlundFinance Manager