Blue Door Shelters has a rich 35-year tradition of responding to community needs.  We have 70 amazing staff and several volunteers working hard to provide our shelter residents with thoughtful personal attention. From arrival all the way through to the development of personal goals, to supporting our residents in accessing various programs at the shelters to finding a new home and beyond,  our staff are experts at client-centered care.  Working and giving at our shelters can be a life-changing experience and not only are we super dedicated, we are also a caring and fun community.  Every member of our shelter teams is valued and incredibly vital to Blue Door Shelters (BDS).  We are a compelling team and proud advocates for the people we serve at BDS! Please come in for a chat, we can’t do what we do without you!

Management and Administration

The Management and Administration Team support the overall operation of Blue Door Shelters. Their responsibilities include managing financial, employee and volunteer resources, community outreach and guiding programing based on the strategic priorities set by the Board of Directors.

Anne Stubley
Anne Stubley Executive Director
Anne Stubley is the Executive Director of Blue Door Shelters. She joined the organization in 2009, and has over 25 years of experience serving the vulnerable individuals. Anne is responsible for overseeing fifty plus employees in supporting some of the most vulnerable citizens in the region.
Alex Cheng
Alex ChengDirector of Client Services
With over ten years of management experience at social service agencies working with vulnerable populations, Alex cares deeply about programs that support people who identify with mental health issues. Due to his strong belief in the values of mental health recovery, peer support and self-determination, Alex gives his volunteer time to support causes that uphold these principles. Alex values working with shelter teams to foster strong connections between people we serve and the communities they choose to live in. Having lived in Panama and Canada, Alex welcomes the diversity at the shelters and has found his calling and his passion in improving the quality of care at BDS, one program at a time. It helps that Alex has a sense of humour and asks important questions like: “why are homeless youth not accessing local libraries?” and then finds collaborative solutions that bring vulnerable youth closer to valuable community resources.
Emmy Kelly
Emmy KellyBusiness Director
With over 15 years of leading non-profit organizations through growth and success, Emmy’s background in business and communications enables her to provide hands-on management, while looking ahead at the strategic development of BDS and executing its long-term goals. Prior to BDS, she served as Director of Operations for the Equal Opportunity Initiative, expanding the organization to seven centers in four countries. Respected for her tireless work ethic and ability to genuinely engage with a broad range of stakeholders, Emmy’s award-winning work in the field of education and disaster relief has taken place in some of the world’s most impoverished nations giving her a global perspective and international fluency. Emmy is a serial green-tea drinker, world adventurer, and fitness enthusiast who relishes challenge and loves working with the team at BDS believing that “tough times don’t last but tough teams do!”
Amanda Palermo
Amanda PalermoHuman Resource Manager
With over five years’ experience and expertise in the area of Human Resources from agencies like Children’s Aid Society and Home Depot, Amanda is a key asset to our team. She holds a BA from York University and completed graduate studies in Human Resources Management at George Brown College. Raised in York Region, Amanda has a strong connection to the non-profit sector and is committed to making positive change. On her first visit to our shelters, Amanda and a team of her colleagues from Home Depot participated in a volunteer construction project at the Youth Shelter. Inspired by this experience, Amanda quickly developed a deep appreciation for our role in the community. Amanda is a true team player and her ability to listen, problem-solve, organize and take initiative to support colleagues on various projects makes her a true champion! We also love the treats she bakes for us!
Barb Latour
Barb LatourOffice Manager
With over 12 years’ service with Blue Door Shelters, Barb has helped 1000’s of families receive donations in various forms over the years. Through her efforts to recruit strong volunteers, Barb is able to provide additional support to our clients by ensuring they receive clothing, gift cards, groceries and household items as they leave our shelters and move into housing. Barb knows we cannot do the work we do without the support of the community. She is truly humbled by the generosity and support Blue Door Shelters receives from so many kind and thoughtful people. Barb is strong, organized and supportive, and each of these strengths ensures that daily operations in the office run smoothly. BDS wouldn’t be BDS without Barb!
Stephanie Lau
Stephanie LauExecutive Assistant
Stephanie joined the Blue Door Shelters team in 2011 and has consistently demonstrated her passion for supporting marginalized identities, including people between homes in York Region. Stephanie pursued her current role after volunteering in a Toronto Shelter. During her BAH studies at Queen’s University, Stephanie volunteered to tutor inmates in Kingston penitentiaries and was on the executive team of Global Citizens Club, a student-driven group passionate about eliminating poverty, fighting for social justice, and advocating for universal education. Passionate in the non-profit space, Stephanie has completed the Ryerson’s Certificate Program in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management. Stephanie is committed to lifelong learning and values lessons learned from her colleagues and clients. With an eye for detail, excellent troubleshooting skills and her remarkable empathetic nature, Stephanie’s capacity to multi-task and stay calm are a gift to her team!
Ingrid Teunissen
Ingrid TeunissenLeeder Place Family Shelter Manager
Ingrid is passionate about her role at Blue Door Shelters and leads the largest shelter in York Region! Inspired by the families her team has supported over the last six years, Ingrid is a strong advocate for people who come through our doors. Ingrid has worked with vulnerable populations for 35 years and is committed to the highest quality of care at our shelters. As a proud grandmother, Ingrid understands the value of strong foundations and she is happy to build a nurturing, inclusive and responsive team. Leeder Place is a remarkable home while one is in between homes, and Ingrid is delighted by this truly amazing place.
Amanda Beaulieu
Amanda BeaulieuKevin's Place Youth Shelter Manager
As one of the newest members of the Blue Door Shelters management team, Amanda is bringing over 7 years experience working in the Social Services field. She was previously the Director of a transitional, residential, facility where her passion for vulnerable populations flourished. Amanda understands the value of community support and connections and spends her spare time volunteering as an OPP Auxiliary Constable. Here she participates in a variety of food, toy and clothing drives. As a proud member of the LGBTQ community, Amanda believes in advocating for diversity and marginalized populations. In addition to her BA and Bteach degrees, Amanda aspires to obtain her Masters of Social Work to further expand her knowledge in client services.
Karen Al Massaad
Karen Al Massaad Porter Place Shelter Manager
Jeffrey Wah Kan
Jeffrey Wah Kan Support Staff Supervisor
Jeffrey started at Blue Door Shelters as a volunteer in the kitchen, sharing his passion for the culinary arts. He brings in expertise gained from his leadership as Head Chef at The Fox in downtown Toronto for over 5 years, went to George Brown for Culinary Management, and has a BAH from York University. Jeff has an interest in supporting the community and seeks to leverage his skills which range from martial arts to sign language.

“I believe there is something to be learned from every situation in life and every person we encounter” – Jeff