A United Way Day of Caring is a unique opportunity for employees, students and other groups to come together and make a difference in our community by taking part in meaningful volunteer projects with local community organizations.

Here are a few examples of projects done at Blue Door Shelters:

  • Rooms in shelter get refreshed with new coats of paint
  • Gardens get beautified with planting of flowers and a cleanup
  • Meals are passionately prepared for enjoyment at all three of our shelters
Spotlight Days of Caring food preparation

Blue Door Shelters greatly benefits from the work of volunteers. Volunteers display solidarity and sense of community by giving a helping where our clients stay during times of need. Helping us improve our facilities means the world to the people. They face incredible hardships and are going through very difficult times in their lives, so having a helping hand to support them shows them they are loved and cared for by the community.

United Way will match your group with an agency partner or not-for-profit organization to complete a project that complements your priorities, schedule and available people power. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact UWTYR at UnitedWayTYR.com/contact-us