Support Services is essential to the health and wellness of our shelters.  We know that our shelters are a home away from home and therefore, creating clean and safe spaces for our residents is a priority.  Our Support Services team is responsible for maintaining hygienic shelter spaces, preparing nutritious meals and ensuring our facilities are in order.  This arm of our work allows us to meet a diverse range of needs and health conditions at each of our unique shelters.  Did you know that our team served more than 85,000 meals last year?  It is our hope that we continue to showcase healthy choices and address the “basics” by modelling excellence at all our shelters.

Support Staff at United Way

How many United Way of Toronto and York Region agencies are there?

The United Way supports 180 agencies that provide vital programs to thousands of people in the region – single parents, abused women, families, young children and teenagers, the elderly, the physically challenged, the homeless. Blue Door Shelters is just one of the agencies that you support when donating to the United Way.
Support Staff at Barbeque

The Support Services team serves up a barbecue to clients at Leeder Place Family Shelter.