Our Wellness Programs provide holistic supports to our residents and offer opportunities for reflection and positive change.

Programs like yoga, art therapy, cooking classes, and music & leadership programs are popular at all three shelters.  People living on low income often have difficulty accessing health information.  How to live well, make nutritious meals on a very low budget, exercise and think positive thoughts, and use positive words to express emotions in a healthy way are essential to living a whole life.  Making peace with trauma can be a long journey, and the workshops we offer encourage our clients to regain the ability to express themselves, rebuild a sense of self worth and motivates healthy changes.

Our Clients Say

“Anybody is good at art. There is no bad art.”
– Leeder Client
Wellness painting activities at Blue Door Shelters
“I had fun working with a group. It was nice having lots of hands coming together to cook a meal.”
– Leeder Client